Invisalign Teen

Just as its name implies, Invisalign Teen® is an aligner system with features geared toward teens who are still growing.

One of the most notable differences between Invisalign Teen® and its parent product is the compliance indicators. Invisalign® doesn’t work if the aligners aren’t worn, so a product such as this doesn’t work if the patient isn’t compliant. Little blue dots on the Invisalign Teen® aligners that fade only when worn as directed are a great way for Dr. Meier to be sure the aligners are worn as prescribed.

Compliance indicators have become a good selling point for the parents of our patients, because they too can look at the aligners and tell whether their child is wearing them as directed. Teens have a greater tendency to lose or misplace aligners, so Invisalign Teen® offers up to six free replacement sets of aligners, should some get lost or broken.
The teen product also incorporates uniquely engineered features that address the natural eruption of second molars in teenage patients. Undergoing Invisalign Teen® treatment with an orthodontist is particularly important if teeth are still erupting.  Dr. Meier carefully monitors Invisalign Teen® treatment and is prepared to address all issues that may arise.

Like the parent product, Invisalign Teen® is loved by patients because it gives them the freedom to remove the aligners for memorable moments, such as homecoming and senior photos.

Although Invisalign Teen® is offered by dentists and orthodontists, there is a difference between these two providers. An orthodontist completes an additional two to three years of education after dental school to gain increased understanding of tooth movement and dentofacial structure.

Invisalign alignerAs your child progresses through Invisalign Teen® treatment you can rest easy that you selected a specialist to actively oversee your child’s care and monitor tooth movement, changes to the bite, and facial esthetics.

Contact our office today if you would like to schedule a complimentary  consultation and determine if Invisalign Teen® treatment is right for you.

32 Predictors of A Long Life

32 predictors of a long life, can you guess what any of them are? If you said teeth, you’re 100% right!

There is some new research that supports the theory that tooth loss can be used to determine quality of life and to predict a person’s life expectancy. Makes sense right?
Those who have a full set of teeth when they are 74-years-old are more likely to reach 100, scientists say.
Tooth loss is related to diet, habits (smoking, eg.), the amount of care and attention given to teeth, and to life stresses. The study states that stress includes social, emotional, economic and educational experiences as well as chronic diseases, genetic conditions and lifestyle choices.

The research also showed that people who had lost five or more teeth by the age of 65 were also more likely to suffer from other serious health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

In years of clinical studies in relation to periodontal (gum disease) and endocarditis (heart disease) the straighter the teeth the less risk. Dr. Meier explains, “with straight, properly aligned teeth bacteria and plaque have much less opportunity to stick in the little nooks and crannies and accumulate. The basic mechanics of good oral hygiene are SO MUCH more effective and even lessens chances of gum and heart disease!!

So, if you want to live longer get straight teeth and brush them well! It will add at least 10 years to your life!!”

We’re orthodontists, but we were dentists first. Perfecting smiles only works with a good foundation and attention to care. You’ve all probably seen that meme “You don’t have to brush all your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep.” Of course that’s true. Brushing, flossing, cutting down on sugary foods and drinks, and visiting the dentist will help you keep your teeth, and will help you live a long and healthy life. Here’s to a healthy, happy you!