“Genuine, Caring, Accommodating and Knowledgeable are just a few words to describe Dr. Meier and his incredible staff!  It is always a pleasure to walk into his office and be greeted by such a friendly staff.  Dr Meier is an incredible orthodontist who takes such a genuine interest in his patients!  Every time the Parkey Boys smile, we think of Meier Orthodontics!”
– Kelly Parkey

“It was such a pleasure to stop by your booth and meet a few of you! My girls had such a great time at this event, and it is always so touching when you see folks like you and your office as a team coming together and giving your time to the community- A FRIDAY NIGHT- so that families could come together and have a fun evening together. We came home and went through the goody bags and I have to tell you their favorite things are the flashlights and “lip gloss” (aka chapstick:) I’m sure you’ve heard all this before, but as someone who has worked in an ortho office and volunteered their time at various events, I know the effort and commitment you strive to give not only to your patients, but the community. It really makes me miss my office! Dr. Meier, you make a great pirate 🙂 and I didn’t get to catch the gal’s name I spoke with, but you were so great!!! You were excited, sincere, and when I told you I had “liked” you guys on fb after I moved here from Ohio, you welcomed me to stop by your office, and one of thes days I am definitely going to take you up on that! It was so loud with the music so I didn’t feel like I could share this with you, but I wanted to tell you that when we were first moving here, my husband’s boss asked him what I did for a living, he told them I was a Dental Hygienist working in an ortho office. Next thing you know, his wife, who is a teacher at Limestone Creek, gave him a brochure from your office and he then gave it to my husband, speaking so highly of your office and said “this is the place she wants to be!” I actually had your brochure before I had even made the final move to Florida (and of course I showed it to my docs and team 🙂 Well, little did I know I was not only expecting again, but I was blessed to have twin boys last August, so needless to say with four kiddos ages 4 and under I was not looking for work 🙂 My point is that I thought it was such a huge compliment to your office that your community would speak of you like this, and I was impressed. And now I finally get to tell you:) You are definitely living up to your mission statement! I enjoy keeping up with your office! Between you guys and my old office, I still feel like I am part of something great, something special. Ortho changed my life! I love smiling, and I love helping others achieve their best smile, and to get out there and smile at everyone! I look forward to seeing you guys out and about at future events, and I definitely know where my kids will go for their orthodontic needs!! Have a great week!”

– Brandy M.